Guylty Pleasure

[The following is a transcript of a meeting of the marketing and creative directors of RAPS Inc., secretly taped. It may give you an insight into the evil forces of capitalism, all at work to get their hands at the disposable income of creepy, older women…]

Marketing Director: Right. I have called this meeting to discuss our further strategy regarding our products.

Creative Director: Um. Yeah?

MD: You know, your man, whatsisname, the fella who plays all these guys that you are basing the shrines on…

CD [interjects]: Armitage?

MD: Yeah, right, that bloke. Now, he’s apparently considered a bit of eye candy. [snorts] I had some spies at WonderCon last weekend, sussing out the scene, and apparently the man is loved by cr… [sounds of bottle opening] ol… [splashing noises] …er women. I’ve been thinking we need to tap into the market. According to some marketing big wigs, mature…

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