Guylty Pleasure

The public has spoken. Thank you to all who clicked on my little poll yesterday. It was a very close race.

Poll result

Before I present you a glimpse of bare-chested Lucas North, let me take time to spread some love for Katia. Katia has been showering me with gifts several times. Really, it must stop, I am getting much too used to it. Yesterday I received a very personal package from her. Because she took me on a walk through the beautiful place she lives in. She printed lots of photos and placed them in a gorgeous tin. I had such fun going through it, and it really did feel like a sightseeing tour.


Best of all, she showed me where Pirate Rock Gizzy now lives.

Katia (5)

I love seeing where the shrines end up. – Thanks again, Katia. Thank you for the time you spent making this personal guided tour for…

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