Guylty Pleasure

Have you noticed? WordPress has updated its platform. There is now a new handy “Reader” link in the black menu bar, and as I type, the font of the new post box is very eye-friendly – massive size. Hello to scrolling!!! Tech-Queen Guylty immediately follows suit and offers a number of updates, too.

1. Word has reached me that the fandom identifier aka well-wisher badge may have worked its first ever magic. RAfrenzy wrote a post a couple of days ago and mentioned an encounter with possible badge-involvement. If anything it sounds as if the badge attracted attention. Mission fulfilled! *fistpump*

2. The badge goes global. More photos of the badge on tour have reached me. And since I can’t continue reblogging the same tired old post all the time, and I am hoping that new badge photos will continue to come in, I have decided to give the Gallery…

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