So this is a few months after she posted it, but love the commentary and photos too much to not share. ūüėÄ

Guylty Pleasure

Dear all, this post is in lieu of the usual Saturday Weekly Round-up. I had all the intentions of posting it on its usual slot and had reserved Friday evening for the compiling and scheduling. And then¬†the concert I went to last night went horribly over-time due to a very unfortunate (and scary) incident during the performance. Just as the Allegretto of Shostakovich‚Äôs Symphony No 7 ‚ÄúLeningrad‚ÄĚ neared its crescendo, a trumpet player collapsed and the concert had to be interrupted while the conductor called for doctors in the audience to step forward. It was really frightening, I have to say, a young musician fell over in a seizure, or simply blacked out, but it seemed like an eternity until we saw him get back up on his feet and walk out with medical assistance‚Ķ High drama:

So instead I have decided to do a quick post with Thorin’s latest…

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