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Today is New Comic Day, I woke up with a crazy headache and no memory of when I got home, (remember coming home, just not when) or how I got into bed. I don’t remember getting undressed either, at least I didn’t fall asleep with my bra on, sleeping with a bra on is so uncomfortable.  I think these 24 to 30 hours straight work days are going to have to go the way of the DoDo soon. Then I remember all the things that need to be done and forget about my resolve to no longer work long hours.

After reading Zeesmuse’s tooth emergency, I wanted to share one of the images the doctor had of my hubs toothy problem. I knew, if Zeesmuse was even in a fraction of the pain my hubs seemed to be in, then it truly was a screaming emergency.

IMG_4392_Alan_longest_root_everI hope I copied this link to Zeesmuse correctly: De pain boss, de pain

Every three months, (known as quarterlies) sales tax reports are due and it does not matter if there other brain demolishing (known as monthly comic orders) deadlines looming either.


The end of January was not only quarterly report time, but end of year report time and all the fresh hell that entails. (Will spare you  details.) This year as the pressure is building, the Hubs starts to feel some pain, then quickly it gets serious. He lucked out in the athletic, coordination and height arena, but was short changed when it comes to his teeth. I remember one dentist telling him that the cost of this particular visit was going to make his houseboat payment and turned to me with instructions to go home and brush with fudge until I developed a cavity so he would have some work to do on my mouth. (I lucked out, never get cavities or needed braces.) Not bragging, I have plenty of short-comings, klutzy and poor eyesight being a few.IMG_7410

Hubs tried to tough it out and finish quarterly deadline work, but the pain kept getting worse and the strongest pain killers don’t seem to have any effect on on dulling his pain. When the dentist saw the ex-ray, it was obvious one of the Hubs molars had an infected root.  See the photo of that ex-ray above, it is the middle tooth.
IMG_7408When the dentist started pulling, and pulling and pulling, he was a little shocked to find how long it was. He said something like 29? I asked what measurement that was? But no one heard me. He asked his assistant if that looked right? Had she seen one longer? He had not.

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Alien chest burster

The way everyone was looking, I was expecting a little alien to jump out of Hubs mouth and attach to someone’s face.

Soon all the techs were crowding in to  see this amazingly long tooth root. They were all women, so if they thought it, no one said it, but when we were telling some of our male friends about what happened, the jokes started. I’ll spare you their juvenile commentary here and save it for What a Guy Wants material. It was butternut squash soup, pudding and cream of wheat for next few days.

It is times like this (almost daily) I think back to Gilda Radnar’s Roseanne Roseannadanna’s mantra:


Gilda Radner’s Roseanne Roseannadanna

This week, he will go back to have a porcelain cap put on after the temporary one is removed. I’m prepared with soups, puddings, and who knows, maybe he will be in the mood to listen to that new David Copperfield audiobook.David_Copperfield_Armitage   If not, maybe Frank Miller’s Sin City…

Frank Miller's Sin City

Frank Miller’s Sin City: Mimi’s Night Flight Motel & Cafe

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