We’re going to make this Wednesday night!!! Slow-Cooker 3-Ingredient Italian Chicken Prep10 MIN Total4 HR 10 MIN Ingredients3 Servings6 Just three ingredients plus pasta make this meal easy to throw together for a dinner that’s ready to go when you get home. Serve with a fresh green salad, and your meal is complete! ByPillsbury Kitchens Ingredients 2 lb boneless skinless […]

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I think the preverbal gauntlet has been thrown down, but I am fairly certain it will be a failure because I have never been able to cook. I only just learned how to boil eggs and they still don’t always turn out.  Which is why someone else always has to be responsible for the food if I am involved.  😉batton_lash_1995_scan_20_tom_burns_yum  The talented and funny artist, Batton Lash checking on dinner.