Just another day at work today • I’m slightly preoccupied with working on quarterly sales tax reports (trying not to make any mathematical errors as I punch in numbers on my spreadsheets) and even if I don’t drink it, I of course had a cup of black coffee close by.

Thought I was over flu and subsequent cough, but no chance of that as the occasional cough will happen. While taking a sip of coffee, a cough started to form, I was able to time it perfectly too. The spray that ensued from that was enough to get onto my laptop before I could completely cover my mouth and turn away. My iPhone got the brunt of it, but it is fine.

Now my MacBook Pro won’t turn on. I hope that it is just a temporary shock to the system and not a fried mother board.

Trying not to be too emo

I never learn, no beverages around computers, comics, books, etc., but I refuse to cry, I am going to smile and see if I can get the laptop working again.